Paploulas, Leona

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245 10|aPaploulas, Leona
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100 1 |aJones-Eddy, Julie|ecreator
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046 |k1988-09-23
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260 |aColorado Springs, Colorado|bColorado College|c|g1988-09-23
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520 |aLeona was born in Greece, coming to America in 1913 when she was eight years old. She talks about: Ellis Island ; sheep herding with her husband, John; trailing sheep; cooking and rearing children; hauling water for washing; limited access to church services; other Greek families in the area; good medical care; good health; the death of one of her daughters and husband.
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500 |aOral histories were collected by Julie Jones-Eddy in 1983-1986. Permission forms were obtained at the time of interviews. This oral history collection of forty-seven interviews with women between the ages of sixty-five and ninety-five years of age is the result of a two year project begun in 1984. It was supported by a grant from the Colorado Endowment for the Humanities. In addition to the tape collection, the grant also funded the production of a videotape program which highlights selective portions from some of the interviews. "Women of Northwestern Colorado, 1890-1940: Glimpses of Our Lives" is available at Tutt Libray and other libraries around the state.The original files are housed in Special Collections, Tutt Library, Colorado College, R1000. Audio files: WAV and MP3 were processed from original cassette tapes using Soundforge; a Marantz 221 PMD cassette player/recorder. Settings recommended by the Colorado Digitization Project, Digital Audio Best Practices. Each tape is set at 96kHZ, 24 bits. Images: Scanned from photos and slides to JPEG. Text materials: Scanned to PDF and processed to PDF/A using Adobe Acrobat Professional.
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540 |aPortions of this interview may only be used for educational or scholarly purposes. All rights in the manuscript and recording, including the right to publish, are reserved to the Colorado College Tutt Library. PERMISSION TO PUBLISH IN ANY FORMAT MUST BE REQUESTED from Special Collections, Colorado College Tutt Library.
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