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245 10|aMierow, Dorothy
720 |aFinley, Judith Reid, 1936-
046 |k1977-10-25
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260 |a|bColorado College|c|g1977-10-25
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520 |aDorothy Mierow was the daughter of the late Charles C. Mierow, who was Professor of Classics at Colorado College and President of the College from 1925 to 1934. When he returned to Colorado College to reintroduce classics in the mid-fifties, Dorothy Mierow returned with him. She served as lecturer in geography in 1955 and then as curator of the Colorado College Museum from 1956 to 1962. After that time, she lived in Nepal as a Peace Corps volunteer, and later as a regular faculty member in the geography department of the Prithvi Narayan campus in Pokhara, where she established a museum library in memory of her parents. Ms. Mierow recalls life on campus during her childhood and her father's presidency including the construction of Shove Chapel, the Forestry School and many faculty members including: Albright, Drucker, Parker, Blakely, and Malone.
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500 |aDigitized from the original Special Collections Audio tape R19. This interview is part of a larger collection totaling 89 individuals. Interview transcripts converted to PDF/A from Microsoft Word. Other file materials, biographical data sheets, indexes, legal releases scanned from originals and converted to text searchable PDF/A using Fujitsu 4150 scanner and Scandallpro software version 1.5. Scanned at 400 dpi. Photos scanned at 500 dpi and saved as jpeg. There are 131 preservation wave files (44.1 kHz, 16-bit) and 131 delivery mp3 files (128 kbps) in the set. Each file represents up to an hour of material, equivalent to one side of a reel-to-reel tape or both sides of a cassette tape. The 262 files are now located on both of two hard drives in Special Collections, the master drive (A1) formatted for Mac and a backup drive (B1) formatted for PC. (.wav preservation masters created by Tom Sanny using Final Cut Pro. Analog tapes digitized as QuickTime 44k16b .mov files. Dead air edited out and sound levels adjusted ; .wav files exported using FCP QuickTime Conversion tool ; .mp3 files created from .wav files using Switch.) All files are monaural.
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610 2 |aColorado College
600 1 |aMierow, Dorothy
650 |a1950-1959
650 |a1960-1969
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440 |aColorado College Oral History Collection
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651 |aColorado Springs (Colo.)
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