Student Publications

The Catalyst student publication began in 1969. It is published weekly during the academic year. The Catalyst is produced and managed exclusively by the students of Colorado College for the benefit of the college community and the surrounding local area, the Catalyst aims to bring general interest and academic-oriented news, ideas, and opinions into greater collective view—to act as a catalyst for informed debate. The newspaper is published under the auspices of Cutler Publications, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit independent of Colorado College.
Cipher is a magazine published out of Colorado College, in Colorado Springs. With a few exceptions, they publish the work of Colorado College students. There are no content parameters, but the magazine usually covers stories within Colorado. The magazine publishes investigative and expository pieces as well as memoir and fiction.
Colorado College Alpine Journal
The Colorado College Alpine Journal is a collection of climbing related stories and articles based on the experiences and adventures of Colorado College Alumni and Students.
Colorado College Yearbook
The Colorado College yearbook, published 1900-2007, was known as The Pikes Peak Nugget from 1900-1941 and The Nugget or Colorado College Nugget afterward. The Nugget was not published in 1971 and 1973. Year on cover differs from title page in some years.
Colorado College's photography journal produced by the Flash Photography Club. The club offers an outlet for Colorado College photographers to collaborate and learn from each other, and display their photos throughout campus.
The Leviathan is Colorado College's journal for literary & visual arts. It features only the work of Colorado College students and is published four times a year. The Leviathan is a Cutler Publication. Work published in the Leviathan is entirely from student submissions.
Purple Paper : Politics Monthly
The Purple Paper : Politics Monthly is the newsletter of the CC Dems, CC Repubs and the Collaborative for Community Engagement.
Tiger [Student Newspaper] (1899-1969)
The Tiger is the Colorado College student newspaper begun April 11, 1899. The title changed to The Catalyst starting September 11, 1969. This publication was only published during the academic year.