Harry L. Standley Colorado Mountain Scenery
This collection consists of 17 slides, 3 x 4 inches, some of them hand colored. They were taken by Harry L Standley, who photographed Colorado and Southwestern scenery for more than fifty years and owned a photographic studio in Colorado Springs from 1922 to 1951.
Manly D. Ormes Slide Collection of Pikes Peak Region Mountain Trails and Views
Born in Tuscola, Michigan on April 25, 1858, Manly Ormes graduated from Yale University in 1885. After teaching school for a year, he returned to college for a theological course and was ordained as a minister on August 18, 1889. He married Eleanor Reddie in 1890 in Philadelphia, and they came the parents of two sons (Robert and Ferguson) and two daughters, (Jean and Eleanor). In early 1890, Manly Ormes came to Colorado Springs, where he was named pastor of the Second Congregational Church. In 1904 he left the pulpit to become the Librarian for Colorado College. Ormes collected and indexed extensive historical data pertaining to the history of the Pikes Peak Region and over the years gained a reputation as the town's chief authority on historical events. One of his many notable achievements as librarian was his index of the Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph from its inception, a valuable resource still heavily used today. Ormes was a member of the Saturday Knights men's hiking group from 1905 on. Always interested in documenting the trails and campsites used by this group, he broadened the scope of his efforts to create a series of maps titled Mountain Trails of the Pikes Peak Region. These were published in several editions by the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce between 1913 and 1927.
Van Diest Maps
Digitized images of maps from Edmond C. Van Diest Papers, 1878-1950, held in Tutt Library Special Collections, Ms 0233. The originals of these maps are stored in oversize-map drawers., Maps of Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico, including the Costilla Estate in Costilla County., Five digitized images of a small portion of the maps from the Edmond C. Van Diest Papers, 1878-1950, Tutt Library Special Collections, Ms 0233. First map is from folder 2, no. 114, "U.S.geographical surveys west of the one hundredth meridian; economic features of parts of Southern Colo. and Northern N.M.; May 7, 1877"; second map is from folder 2, no. 139, "Map of the Costilla Estate, Costilla Co., Co. and Taos Co., N.M.; appears to be original; contains color legend of the various land and its usage in the estate; Jan. 10, 1903"; third map is from folder 5, no. 124, "Map of the lands irrigated from the San Luis people's Ditch, May 1889"; fourth map is from folder 6, 139, "Map of the San Acacio and Francisco Sanchez Ditches, Sept. 30, 1889"; fifth map is from folder 9, no. 159, "Irrigation map of the Costilla Estate in Colorado and New Mexico.", Original files digitized by an outside firm at the expense of researchers in 2012.