Oral History Collections

Colorado College Oral History Collection
79 interviews with faculty, administrators, staff, and alumni of Colorado College. Compiled by Judith Reid Finley from 1976-1996 under the sponsorship of Tutt Library, Special Collections. Includes transcriptions, biographical data sheets, indexes, photos, and legal release forms.
Women of Northwestern Colorado Oral History Collection
This oral history collection of forty-seven interviews with women between the ages of sixty-five and ninety-five years of age is the result of a two year project begun in 1984. It was supported by a grant from the Colorado Endowment for the Humanities. In addition to the tap collection, the grant also funded the production of a videotape program which highlights selective portions from some of the interviews. "Women of Northwestern Colorado, 1890-1940: Glimpses of Our Lives" is available at Tutt Libray and other libraries around the state.