Colorado College Long Range Development Plan

Colorado College long range development plan
"The intent of the Colorado College Long Range Development Plan, an update to the 1995 Thompson and Rose campus master plan, is to provide the College with a framework for future planning, design and development decisions that strengthens the College’s unique culture, academic program and strategic vision. The ultimate success of the Long Range Development Plan lies in the flexibility of the Plan document itself and in the College’s dedication to the Plan as a guide for decisions related to the physical form of the campus."--p. i, Table of contents: Vision, core values and planning principles -- Overview of the long range development plan. Campus maintenance, reuse, expansion and redevelopment potential -- Pedestrian circulation -- Vehicular circulation and parking -- Campus precincts -- Land use -- Open space -- Urban design and campus identity -- Development phasing. Phase 1 – Near term -- Phase 2 – Mid-term -- Phase 3 – Long-term -- Additional elements of the plan -- Development guidelines and design standards.
Colorado College long range development plan : amendment to the master plan 2008
Three maps indicating proposed changes to campus development plans.
Colorado College walkway master plan 2008
Campus walkway plans, maps and illustrations from the Colorado College long range development plan., Title from Colorado College Long Range Development Plan web site., Contents: Pedestrian paving master plan: Site inventory/analysis -- Pedestrian paving master plan: Symbolic walks -- Pedestrian paving master plan: Primary walks -- Pedestrian paving master plan: Secondary walks -- Pedestrian paving master plan: Prioritization -- Pedestrian paving master plan: ADA map -- Pedestrian paving master mlan: ADA priority walks -- Pedestrian paving master plan: Shove Chapel -- Pedestrian paving master plan: Language houses -- Pedestrian paving master plan: Sorority housing.
East campus State Historical Society development review, 2007
Letter from Mark Wolfe, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer to George Eckhardt, Assistant Director of Facilities Services, Colorado College regarding a Colorado College proposal to demolish several homes in the National Register of Historic Places, North Weber Street, Wahsatch Historic Residential District for East campus expansion., Title from Colorado College Long Range Development Plan web site.
Land management plan : The Colorado College Baca campus
"Colorado College's Campus at Baca is located on approximately 300 acres near the town of Crestone, Colorado, along the west side of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Its buildings are situated primarily adjacent to the South Crestone Creek drainage. Several different vegetation zones exist within these 300 acres, including a narrowleaf cottonwood/rocky mountain juniper riparian zone, a shrub/grassland zone, and a pinyon/juniper/ponderosa zone. Within each zone there are different fire regimes, elemental balances, and biodiversities. This land management plan is designed to be adaptive in nature, and reflect sensitivity to each zone."--Introduction p. 3, Contents: Management plan priorities -- Work completed, objectives met -- Future management goals -- Fire and safety issues -- Water and safety issues -- Wind and safety issues -- Earth movements and safety issues -- Forest health issues -- Noxious weeds -- Work along South Crestone Creek, 2007 -- Crestone Creek riparian corridor -- Status report and strategies for fire management and biological diversity -- Invasive species -- The Colorado College Baca Campus land management plan -- Ongoing maintenance -- Develop emergency warning system -- Maintenance of buildings -- Maintenance of water systems -- Maintenance of landscape -- Proposals for integration of activities with students, faculty, and staff -- Appendices: Management of invasive species -- Defensible zones/Fire resistant landscaping -- Shaded fuelbreak design -- Discovering the language of the elements.
The Colorado College east campus concept plan
Outline and documentation of a presentation by Colorado College representatives David Lord and Gregory Friesen to Colorado Springs City Planning Commission for a proposed master plan, prepared by the architectural firm Thompson & Rose in 1995, for the Colorado College East campus.