History of the College

Block Plan Evaluation Report
The Block Plan Advisory Committee (BPAC) respectfully submits this final report on the Block Plan evaluation project. The purpose of this report is to present the Colorado College Trustees a summary of the Committee's evaluation. The findings presented herein represent nearly two years of data collection, analysis, and interpretation.
Colorado College Reader: Selected Writings on the History of Colorado College
"A Colorado College Reader" is comprised of 19 chapters, in addition to a table of contents, index and fair use policy. Each section is attached to this record and can be individually downloaded., "A Colorado College Reader: Selected Writings on the History of Colorado College" is a collection of stories about and photographs of the people and events that comprise the history of the college, compiled and edited by Political Science Professor Emeritus Robert D. Loevy, written by Dr. Loevy and others., Contents: Table of contents and photograph list -- Congregationalist schools, Colorado College / Horace M. Hale -- The pioneer days of Colorado College / James Hutchison Kerr -- Introduction to "The History of Colorado College 1874-1904" / Louise Buckley -- Excerpts from "The new West" / E.P. Tenney -- Excerpts from "Looking forward into the past" / E.P. Tenney -- Professor Marden's life work finished / George N. Marden -- President William Frederick Slocum / James W. Park -- A letter to Mr. Ormes / Ruth Loomis -- A 1901-02 magazine review of "Colorado College" -- Artus and Anne Van Briggle and Colorado College / R. Laurie and Thomas H. Simmons -- Stormy young rebels / Mabel Barbee Lee -- The Cowles Commission: the early years / Vibha Kapuria-Foreman -- Colorado College and World War II / John L. Zorack -- Edith Bramhall / Robert D. Loevy -- I remember Edith / Letitia Finn Saunders Rehm -- Oral history on the development of the Block Plan / Glenn Brooks -- Fred Sondermann / Robert D. Loevy -- "The adventurous spirit of the Rocky Mountain West": a history of outdoor recreation at Colorado College, 1874-2011 / Andrew Wallace -- A history of gender at Colorado College/Hannah Varnell and Robert D. Loevy., Chapters of "A Colorado College Reader" were downloadeded from Robert D. Loevy's website at his request.
Colorado College: 1999-2012 Into the 21st Century
From the author: "This books seeks to continue the history of Colorado College as presented in the book: Colorado College: A Place of Learning, 1874-1999. Colorado Springs, CO: Colorado College, 1999.", Harvested from Robert D. Loevy's website on January 9, 2013 at his request., Part 1: The Last of the Kathryn Mohrman Years / Part 2: President Dick Celeste / Part 3: Wider Adoption of the Block Plan / Part 4: President Jill Tiefenthaler